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If you want to be among the most successful organisations, you have to make sure you have the best and most efficient leaders on all levels. Zenger Folkman’s research documents that leader skills have a direct impact on employee productivity and satisfaction. Your leaders’ skills therefore have a direct impact on your profit.

Research shows that leaders achieve the greatest effect by focusing on developing their strengths rather than their weaknesses as is the case with many other development tools. Organisations should work on elevating the level of all their leaders, but for a large group the greatest potential lies in elevating them from good to extraordinary.

With its fact-based approach to leader development, Zenger Folkman’s Extraordinary Leader programme offers the tools and development approach that will increase the leader’s ability to continuously develop the organisation.

The Extraordinary Leader program helps managers become better leaders by:

  • Utilising 360-degree feedback to identify key strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Understanding how extraordinary leaders can double profits
  • Creating an action-oriented development plan that facilitates goal setting & follow through
  • Applying Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to leadership development
  • Learning to apply leadership development in daily, on-the-job activities


Managers on all levels, e.g. top management, middle managers or team leaders.


The course includes a preceding 360-degree measurement and individual feedback report, a full course day and the book ‘How to be Exceptional’.

  • “Very good! Fun! Interactive and challenging”

    Anna-Karin Ahlflood, Ericsson

  • “Excellent! I have learned so much”

    Elin Dahlkvist – Systembolaget

  • “Exceptional”

    Johan Ölën – Volvo Group

  • “Very good – Everything was there!”

    Pierre Lavorini – Volvo Group

  • “The best course I have attended to!”

    Lars Herbe – Kvadrat

  • “Very inspiring and informative”

    Margit Weygaard-Hansen – Aller Media A/S

  • “Plug & Play”

    Gitte Nørgaard – Københavns Lufthavne A/S

  • “Combining learning, food and service at very high level. Best course ever!”

    Danni Rahbek – Bestseller A/S

  • “Extremely professional carried out”

    Anitha Rutström Sparrman – Ericsson

  • “Intense and very rewarding”

    Per Larsson – EON

  • “Very good course! I want to take it again”

    Marianne Steen – Enatus Consulting AB

  • “It was an excellent, excellent course!!”

    Jakob Larsen – Novo Nordisk A/S


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