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Proacteur - Praktiske øvelser i forandringsledelse

Changing behaviours when implementing new work procedures

Enable the implementation of a system for submissions of electronic research data, by pragmatic management of the change, based on understanding key issues related to opposing mind-sets and work habits.

Organisational Change Management – Manage the change




Implementation of new standards for electronic data submission

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently effected a new regulation requiring companies applying for drug approvals to submit electronic datasets from their non-clinical trials. The electronic datasets have to adhere to a specific format, and for our client this requires their laboratories and scientists to work with a much higher degree of standardization and collaboration in relation to how data is captured and processed. proacteur was engaged to lead the identification and implementation of a change management strategy that would drive the organizations process of defining, adopting and embracing the new ways of working.

The key challenge for the change management team was to overcome opposing mind-sets and work habits in the client organisation. Some researchers would for example have to accept additional work in their own department in order to allow for optimization and standardization of processes across departments that benefited the organisation as a whole.

proacteur created a pragmatic change management strategy to deal with the challenges posed by the technical and social context of the change project. During the course of the project we engaged and collaborated with key ambassadors from all impacted areas of the organisation. Together, we ensured that the right communication, training and organisational support structures were provided throughout the impacted organisation as they implemented the changes necessary to survive in the new regulatory environment.

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