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Mapping of organisational culture

An analysis of organisational culture mapped cohesion and differences across a global organisation and identified how the culture both authenticated and antagonised the company values.

Understanding the issue




Cultural analysis

A consultancy firm wanted to map their organisational culture across their global organisation to understand their alignment and pinpoint the cultural influence on the company values.

The main challenge was a lack of momentum for the analysis which would undoubtedly affect the response rate for data collection. Furthermore, the main focus was placed on the Danish headquarter as limitations of budget prevented qualitative data to be gathered from the global organisation.

proacteur’s proCulture© tool for cultural analysis focused on:

  • Communications going out exclusively to impacted employees to avoid disturbing +10,000 people unnecessarily. Yet, relevant findings was to be disseminated to the organisation eventually when it made sense.
  • Working hypothesis to be verified and balanced in focus groups prior to drafting recommendations.
  • Incorporating compatible benchmarks to relate findings to both industrial, national, and internal, global preferences.
  • Identifying authenticating and antagonistic connections between cultural preferences and the core values of the company.

The analysis found a strong organisational culture across regions. It also pinpointed where internal, cultural preferences varied. Hence, the recommendations for cultural adaptation could with some precision focus on sub-cultures standing out. Furthermore, the desire to understand how company values was aligned with the company culture was met as the analysis could pinpoint specific processes and cultural traits where the values was both challenged and supported by culture.

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