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Global implementation of SuccessFactors solution for Performance Management

Implementing a SuccessFactors solution for Performance Management for digital aligning of processes in all markets of a global company.

Organisational Change Management – Manage the change




Implementing new Performance Management System

A global pharmaceutical company had already implemented standardised processes for Performance Management. A digital solution supported these, but was not scalable to support more than half of the employees. In expectation of further growth, SuccessFactors was chosen as a replacement. During the implementation of the new system it became clear that multiple linguistic translations of both systems and change management materials was needed, if the system was to be used by all employees. It was a big bang implementation.

Besides the need for translations, which was neglected by the top management early in the project, there was a need for localisations to all the different contexts. It was a challenge that half of the the end users came from an existing solution whereas the other half was new to a digital process for Performance Management. The scope of +30.000 users was spread out geographically and some had very strong unions as important stakeholders. Another challenge was that part of the system/process would not be used by managers until a year go-live.

A change management organisation was set up where 48 representatives covered the 78 countries in scope. They had the responsibility of the local implementations. The central change team developed an online toolbox with e.g. communication- and training materials for the representatives and provided ongoing sparring. Also implementation goals for the representatives were tracked closely throughout the process. Follow up training in the part of the system/process that would only be used the following year was conducted when it became relevant.

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