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Anna Balk-Møller
Principal Consultant

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Annika Lagoni

Britta Johansen
Student Assistant

Christoffer Skov

Christopher Nordberg

Claus Fjelding Whitt

Helena Werner
Training Instructor

Jeanette Mørch
Office and course administrator

Kasper Goth

Malene Kingo Christensen

Maria Widström
Training Instructor

Mark Stok

Mike Normann Budek

Morten Kamp Andersen

Nancy Rasmussen
Senior Consultant

Peter Harbo Clausen,
Managing Partner

Pia Melin Mortensen
Senior Consultant

Rune Blach Madsen

Sofie Mørch Christensen
Principal Consultant

Thor Baunsgaard

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  • Anna Balk-Møller Principal ConsultantAnna's key strength is the ability to combine strong analytical skills with a creative approach. She is skilled at creating structure in complex situations, which helps provide a better overview and direction. Anna's experience is primarily within change management, Process design and communication. She therefore works well as a change leader, facilitator, sparring partner and as a communication advisor.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEAnna holds a Master's degree in Religion and Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. She also has a communication profile (both strategic and operational). Since 2009 Anna has worked with change projects in both the public and private sector. From her background as well as her experiences with cross-cultural projects, Anna has a deep understanding of the inter-cultural aspects that make complex projects succeed. Our clients sayQualified!, Tenacity & constructive, Firm but flexible and empathic.Citat "When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it"

    +45 60 95 66 56
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    Annika Lagoni ConsultantAnnika is an open-minded and solution-oriented consultant with focus on change management and process optimization. In her work she draws on her educational background and skills within organizational psychology and economics to translate psychological insights into concrete behavioural changes, thereby strengthening the interplay between strategy, culture and new technologies. She is very structured in her approach and possesses great interpersonal- and communicational skills.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEAnnika has an international background within leadership, change management and communications. She earned a MSc. in Business Administration and Psychology from Copenhagen Business School and has completed parts of her education in both Canada and Turkey. In addition to her work in proacteur, she is elected vice chairman of Save the Children Youth Council in Copenhagen.OUR CLIENTS SAYAnalytical, energetic, result orientated and empathic.

    +45 22 35 44 54
  • Britta Johansen Student AssistantBritta is a curious student assistant, driven by exiting challenges and the will to learn new things. Through her education she has gained insights into organizational understanding and psychology in practice.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEBritta has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Psychology. She is currently in the process of completing her Master in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School.
    +45 26 33 00 49
  • Christoffer Skov ConsultantChristoffer is a proactive, curious, and outgoing consultant with strengths within project management, budgeting, and optimisation of processes. He has among other things been an instructor for accounting and project management at Copenhagen Business School, and works with our clients as controller for bigger projects.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEChristoffer is about to finish his Cand.Merc.SMC in strategy, branding, and innovation. Before Proacteur, he has experience as entrepreneur and has worked with a number of organisations.OUR CLIENTS SAYCurious, eager to learn new things.
    +45 40 52 93 94
  • Christopher Nordberg ConsultantChristopher is a solution-oriented, efficient and outgoing consultant with strong analytical skills, especially in the areas of finance and accounting. He has experience in management accounting of large, complex projects, which include budget planning, risk analysis and management reporting.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEChristopher holds a master’s degree in economics and business administration from Copenhagen Business School specializing in finance and accounting. He also holds an accounts trainee education from the finance department of DFDS A/S. Prior to working for proacteur, he worked with financial analysis, market analysis and valuation models as assistant analyst at Nordea Equity Research.OUR CLIENTS SAYChristopher makes things happen on his own initiative, and you can expect satisfactory results delivered on time.

    +45 20 78 45 07
  • Claus Fjelding Whitt PartnerClaus is an innovative consultant with more than 18 years’ experience in the cross-field between IT and business. Focus areas are change management, business-driven IT strategy and solution design, design and management of projects as well as vendor control.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEClaus is a computer scientist from Copenhagen University and also has a BCom from CBS.OUR CLIENTS SAYCreative, involving, dedicated bridge-builder.

    +45 20 81 83 77
  • Helena Werner Training InstructorHelena lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and works part time for proacteur and is a part of the Prosci training team as a Certified Advanced Instructor.
    When Helena isn't teaching in Change Management or in business management, she works as a consultant with focus on organizational development and improving clients' change readiness and development capacity. Helena is a dedicated, social, inquisitive person with a solution-oriented and team-based working style and clients appreciate her analytical skills as well as her ability to deliver.
    Helena is also a board member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) Sweden chapter.
    BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEHelena has a MSc in Industrial and Management Engineering. She has previously played various roles in line large organizations, working with strategic and complex development initiatives. OUR CLIENTS SAYStructured, reliable and business driven
  • Jeanette Mørch Office and course administratorJeanette is our office administrator and responsible for our Prosci course administration. She makes sure that everything that everything runs smoothly for the employees in proacteur and that all course participants are taken care of in a friendly and professional manner. She also participates in Prosci courses as a Training Manager.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEJeanette has over 14 years of diversified experience in administration in the IT industry, including leadership and responsibility for up to 10 employees, personal responsibility for selected products, optimization of sales support, offers writing, order processing and delivery, optimization of Dynamics NAV, customer/supplier contact, team building, configuring solutions etc. Jeanette has been employed in Arrow ECS, Datacon, Kerfi og BFC-data/WM-data.

    +45 42 60 16 14
  • Kasper Goth PartnerKasper is a dedicated and result-oriented consultant with the willingness to work hard for extended periods of time and the ability to finish and make the critical decisions. What motivates Kasper is the result and the will to succeed with any possible task. Kasper has a long and successful track record within a wide range of national and international assignments.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEKasper has many years of experience in the pharma and legal industries where his primary focus has been project and change management as well as knowledge management. Kasper holds a degree from Denmark’s Library School (2003) and an MBA from University of Aarhus (2014). He has subsequently been certified in project and change management and has taken a variety of other relevant courses.OUR CLIENTS SAYEffective, structured and open-minded.

    +45 28 19 51 63
  • Malene Kingo Christensen PartnerMalene believes in mobilising organisations for change through involvement & engagement, communication & training to realise the benefits from change. She links strategy, goals and change projects. Malene is good at structuring complex projects and programmes, and she has a structured way of managing change. Malene’s strength is in designing and executing strategies and change projects. Working across functions within a complex stakeholder landscape is her favourite way of working. Malene has solid management experience from the public sector, retail, and the financial industry.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEMalene holds a master’s degree in economics from Aalborg University, supplemented by courses from IMD and Copenhagen Business School within HR, Change management, Strategy and Leadership.OUR CLIENTS SAYCommitted, structured, tenacious and result-oriented. Malene makes things happen and she is a strong change leader.

    +45 26 11 88 97
  • Maria Widström Training InstructorMaria lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and she works part time for proacteur as a training manager and instructor of Change Management. During the last ten years she has combined the roles of teacher and consultant. Maria has worked in a broad range of profit and non-profit organisations and her focus lies in benefit realisation and addressing the human side of a change.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEMaria has a degree in Business administration, and prior to her career in consulting she worked as a key account manager and business developer. She has many years’ experience within business process re-engineering (BPR) projects.OUR CLIENTS SAYPractical, engaging, effect-oriented

    +46 72-322 8289
  • Mark Stok StudentMark is a solution-oriented and hardworking student assistant who has a thorough analytical approach with his work. He possesses a great understanding and competences in accounting, and he always works with an enormous dedication.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEMark had finished a bachelor degree in Economic and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark. He is also educated as a Marketing-economist from the Business Academy of Zealand. He is currently in the process of completing a Master of Economic and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School.
  • Mike Normann Budek ConsultantMike is a stable, outgoing and effective consultant with focus on project and change management. He has a positive approach to tasks and has good cooperative skills.Mike is quick to understand and get started on complex projects and does not hold new ideas and input back.He thrives in organizations where the focus is on development and where there is great opportunity for reflection and learning.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEMike holds an MSc in Strategy, Organization & Leadership from CBS (Copenhagen Business School). Prior to working for proacteur, he has worked with project management and process optimization within Facility Management and has also been Operational Manager of a student housing fund.OUR CLIENTS SAYMike is efficient, timely and reliable.

    +45 40 86 69 90
  • Morten Kamp Andersen PartnerMorten believes that talent and human capital are the greatest levers for organisational productivity when change occurs. He therefore advises and implements Human Capital strategies within national and international organisations with a primary focus on people, performance and culture. He makes sure that HR strategies and processes are aligned with the overall business strategy and are value-adding. He also speaks at international conferences on topics such as Workforce Analytics and Talent Management and was the winner of the 2016 European Workforce Analytics Award. His approach is characterised by being both a former financial analyst and a trained psychologist - a strong combination of 'soft' and 'hard'.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEMorten holds an MSc in Psychology, a B.A. in Business Administration and has passed the IIMR exam (equivalent to CFA). Morten has also passed a number of professional exams such as courses in change management, coaching, conflict management, project management and more.MORTEN’S SOCIAL LINKS:Blog: All About Human Capital (

    Twitter: @MortenKamp (

    +45 25 53 27 39
  • Nancy Rasmussen Senior ConsultantNancy is a dedicated, outgoing and effective consultant with 12+ years of experience in change management, HR and project management. She is highly structured, able to multitask and can quickly understand and dive right into complicated projects. Nancy’s experience includes, but is not limited to, working with process changes, restructuring, and implementation of new IT tools and systems, with a focus on change management and communications. Nancy has a positive ”can-do” attitude and excellent interpersonal skills. She is also great at working with diverse cultures and groups.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCENancy holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor in psychology and communication from the State University of New York at Albany. Nancy has previously worked for Deloitte in New York within change management and human capital. She also has a broad range of experience from several international companies in both the USA and Denmark, such as UBS, PepsiCo, Damco and Carlsberg. In addition, Nancy is certified in Change Management (Prosci).OUR CLIENTS SAYCompetent, positive, reliable
  • Peter Harbo Clausen Managing PartnerPeter has more than 20 years working experience as a management consultant and focuses on Organisational Change Management and Programme Management.

    Peter is certified in Prosci's Change Management process, a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor and uses these tools in consultancy work and when working with organisations to build change management capability.

    Peter has also served as a Board member of the Association of Change Management Professionals Global.

    Peter has been teaching Prosci’s method and tools for change management since 2007 and is together with Malene responsible for the daily operation of proacteur.
    BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEPeter has a BS in electronic engineering and has subsequently taken an Executive MBA. Peter has worked as a consultant for a number of consultancy companies until 2006, when he founded proacteur with Claus.OUR CLIENTS SAYConfidence-building, loyal and forward-looking.

    +45 40 89 32 60
  • Pia Melin Mortensen Senior ConsultantPia is analytical, intuitive and capable of focusing on both the details and the larger picture. She has primarily worked with change management, project management, knowledge management, and team and leadership development. Pia is systematic, versatile and quality-conscious, and she has experience with international and cross-cultural projects.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEPia holds an MSc in Strategy, Organization & Leadership from CBS (Copenhagen Business School). She has completed a part of her education by following MBA courses at Schulich School of Business in Canada.OUR CLIENTS SAYVery dedicated and organised, Quality-mindset, Constructive, Reliable (takes full responsibility for deliverables), Excellent in reaching the right completion level

    +45 28 74 28 32
  • Rune Blach Madsen ConsultantRune is a vigorous, outgoing consultant, with a structured analytical approach to his work. His strengths lies especially within the areas of economics and project management, and he is daily working with financial management of various projects. For Rune, it is important to build a bridge between the stakeholders involved, as he sees cooperation as a success criterion in order to succeed with the task.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCERune holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Project management. At the moment he is about to finish his Cand.Merc.ASC from Copenhagen Business School, specializing in financial management and strategy. Prior to working for proacteur, Rune has worked as a student assistant in the financial industry.OUR CLIENTS SAY Rune is responsible, ambitious and passionate.
    +45 23 98 19 93
  • Sofie Mørch Christensen Principal ConsultantSofie is a result-oriented and committed consultant with focus on process optimisation and change management. She is comfortable in ambitious and project-oriented organisations with tasks of an analytical nature that give her the opportunity to work in depth. She is very flexible, quality-conscious and has very good interpersonal skills.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCESofie has an international education background within business communication and management. She has an MA in Business Language and has completed parts of her education in Australia and France. Sofie has been employed in proacteur since the beginning of 2008 and has been working in the medical industry with process optimisation of business processes as well as with change management in connection with rollout of IT projects.OUR CLIENTS SAYStructured, analytical, confidence-inspiring and goal-oriented.

    +45 23 82 37 36
  • Thor Baunsgaard PartnerThor is a technically minded consultant with a detail-oriented and analytical approach to tasks. He has more than 15 years of experience in project management, architecture, design, development, operation and vendor management. Thor has extensive experience with managing offshore vendors. Thor masters most areas of enterprise IT.BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCEThor is a graduate engineer and has constantly acquired new knowledge through education and working experience.OUR CLIENTS SAYUnderstands complex problems, dedicated, constructive.
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  • “Very good! Fun! Interactive and challenging”

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    Elin Dahlkvist – Systembolaget

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    Johan Ölën – Volvo Group

  • “Very good – Everything was there!”

    Pierre Lavorini – Volvo Group

  • “The best course I have attended to!”

    Lars Herbe – Kvadrat

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    Margit Weygaard-Hansen – Aller Media A/S

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    Gitte Nørgaard – Københavns Lufthavne A/S

  • “Combining learning, food and service at very high level. Best course ever!”

    Danni Rahbek – Bestseller A/S

  • “Extremely professional carried out”

    Anitha Rutström Sparrman – Ericsson

  • “Intense and very rewarding”

    Per Larsson – EON

  • “Very good course! I want to take it again”

    Marianne Steen – Enatus Consulting AB

  • “It was an excellent, excellent course!!”

    Jakob Larsen – Novo Nordisk A/S


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