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Anna Balk-Møller
Principal Consultant

Britta 1

Britta Johansen

Claus Fjelding Whitt


Didde Alexandersen
Principal Consultant

Helena Werner
Training Instructor

Jasmina Final

Jasmina Slijepcevic
Senior Consultant


Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen
Principal Consultant

Jeanette Mørch
Office and course administrator

Kasper Goth

Kasper Guldhammer

Kasper Guldhammer

Lasse Ankjær Justsen


Katrine Wiik Thalbitzer
Student Assistant

Maria Widström
Training Instructor


Morten Kamp Andersen

Nadia 1 798x1100

Nadia Awwad
Student Assistant

Peter Harbo Clausen,
Managing Partner

Stephani Montserrat

 Camilla Farge Web

Camilla Henning
Principal Consultant

  • Britta 1
  • Didde
  • Jasmina Final
  • Jannie
  • Kasper Guldhammer
  • Katrine
  • Morten
  • Nadia 1 798x1100
  •  Camilla Farge Web
  • Anna Balk-Møller Principal Consultant Anna's key strength is the ability to combine strong analytical skills with a creative approach. She is skilled at creating structure in complex situations, which helps provide a better overview and direction. Anna's experience is primarily within change management, Process design and communication. She therefore works well as a change leader, facilitator, sparring partner and as a communication advisor. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Anna holds a Master's degree in Religion and Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. She also has a communication profile (both strategic and operational). Since 2009 Anna has worked with change projects in both the public and private sector. From her background as well as her experiences with cross-cultural projects, Anna has a deep understanding of the inter-cultural aspects that make complex projects succeed. Our clients say Qualified!, Tenacity & constructive, Firm but flexible and empathic. Citat "When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it"
    +45 60 95 66 56
  • Britta 1

    Britta Johansen Consultant Britta is an analytically strong consultant, with competencies within organizational change management. Based on her education in economics and organisational psychology, Britta has a burning interest in the underlying mechanisms that influence decision-making and how to transform these psychological insights into actual behavioral changes. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Britta holds a Master of Science in business administration and psychology from Copenhagen Business School and has a minor in behavioral neuroscience and economics. She is a certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner.
    +45 26 33 00 49
  • Claus Fjelding Whitt Partner Claus is an innovative consultant with more than 18 years’ experience in the cross-field between IT and business. Focus areas are change management, business-driven IT strategy and solution design, design and management of projects as well as vendor control. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Claus is a computer scientist from Copenhagen University and also has a BCom from CBS. OUR CLIENTS SAY Creative, involving, dedicated bridge-builder.
    +45 20 81 83 77
  • Didde

    Didde Alexandersen Principal consultant Didde is a committed and solution-oriented consultant who always seeks deeply to understand causes and people's motivation. She is very attentive to alignment of expectations and makes sure to create clarity about the task at hand. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Didde holds a degree of Cand. IT and has extensive experience with project and change management in both public and private settings, where she for more than ten years, has been in the middle of projects across different industries. She is a certified Prosci Change Manager, as well as a PRINCE2 and Agile Foundation practitioner.
    +45 61 67 68 07
  • Helena Werner Training Instructor Helena lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and works part time for proacteur and is a part of the Prosci training team as a Certified Advanced Instructor.
    When Helena isn't teaching in Change Management or in business management, she works as a consultant with focus on organizational development and improving clients' change readiness and development capacity. Helena is a dedicated, social, inquisitive person with a solution-oriented and team-based working style and clients appreciate her analytical skills as well as her ability to deliver.
    Helena is also a board member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) Sweden chapter.
    BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Helena has a MSc in Industrial and Management Engineering. She has previously played various roles in large line organizations, working with strategic and complex development initiatives. OUR CLIENTS SAY Structured, reliable and business driven
  • Jasmina Final

    Jasmina Slijepcevic Senior Consultant Jasmina is an innovative consultant with deep business insight and vast experience in transforming organizations and executing strategies. She is a passionate change manager who perceives a change as a beginning of something new and as a chance to create something significantly better. She is a strong facilitator and possess good communication and collaboration skills as well as a “get-it-done” mentality. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Jasmina holds a M.Sc. in Economics, Finance and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and an international CEMS M.Sc. degree in Management. Jasmina has 18 years of professional experience from various key positions across international companies and different industries. Jasmina has been employed in proacteur since August 1st 2019.
    +45 26 80 50 02
  • Jannie

    Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen Principal Consultant Jannie excels in building bridges across boundaries by connecting people and ideas. With a vivid eye for the people aspect in any organizational change, Jannie draws on a cross-disciplinary approach to facilitate employee engagement and organizational effectiveness.

    Jannie combines many years of experience in the corporate sector implementing strategies and processes with a distinct passion for challenging business as usual. Optimization of lead times and designing frameworks for organizational growth has been part of her responsibilities in a variety of international projects. Other specialities include global mindset/leadership development, effective virtual team work and talent acquisition in emerging markets.
    BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Jannie holds a Master of Arts in Organisational Psychology and Danish studies from Roskilde University. For the majority of her career Jannie has worked in the area of HR and Organisational Development with employments spanning across the private/non-governmental sectors and academia.

    During her second international assignment to Central Asia, Jannie founded a global community to create new opportunities when global professionals seek meaningful engagement abroad. Combining HR and social impact initiatives to create shared value is at the heart of Jannie's development path.
    Our clients say Engaged, visionary and solution-oriented.
    +45 29 83 55 58
  • Jeanette Mørch Office and course administrator Jeanette is our office administrator and responsible for our Prosci course administration. She makes sure that everything that everything runs smoothly for the employees in proacteur and that all course participants are taken care of in a friendly and professional manner. She also participates in Prosci courses as a Training Manager. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Jeanette has over 14 years of diversified experience in administration in the IT industry, including leadership and responsibility for up to 10 employees, personal responsibility for selected products, optimization of sales support, offers writing, order processing and delivery, optimization of Dynamics NAV, customer/supplier contact, team building, configuring solutions etc. Jeanette has been employed in Arrow ECS, Datacon, Kerfi og BFC-data/WM-data.
    +45 42 60 16 14
  • Kasper Goth Partner Kasper is a dedicated and result-oriented consultant with the willingness to work hard for extended periods of time and the ability to finish and make the critical decisions. What motivates Kasper is the result and the will to succeed with any possible task. Kasper has a long and successful track record within a wide range of national and international assignments. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Kasper has many years of experience in the pharma and legal industries where his primary focus has been project and change management as well as knowledge management. Kasper holds a degree from Denmark’s Library School (2003) and an MBA from University of Aarhus (2014). He has subsequently been certified in project and change management and has taken a variety of other relevant courses. OUR CLIENTS SAY Effective, structured and open-minded.
    +45 28 19 51 63
  • Kasper Guldhammer

    Kasper Guldhammer Consultant Kasper is an outgoing and friendly consultant with experience within business development, marketing and process optimization. He is a generalist with the necessary tools to address complex challenges. Kasper works as a controller on projects where he handles financial management. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Kasper holds a master’s degree in Strategy, Organization and Leadership (Cand.Merc.Sol) from Copenhagen Business School and is specialized in organizational transformation and development. Prior to his time at proacteur he was involved as an entrepreneur and investor in the hospitality industry.
    +45 42 43 21 28
  • Lassse Ankjær Justesen Consultant Lasse is a proactive, creative and curious consultant with strengths in project management, innovation and business models. These competencies are obtained through varied projects within procurement, IT, shipping and the Internet of Things. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Lasse holds a Master's degree of Management from HEC Paris, and a Bachelor of Science, Engineering; Innovation and Business from the University of Southern Denmark. His experience before proacteur comes from various roles at A.P. Moller-Maersk, as well as a position as project manager in a real estate company in Vancouver, Canada.
    +45 22 55 16 93
  • Katrine

    Katrine Wiik Thalbitzer Student Assistant Katrine has a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Marked Communication from Copenhagen Business School. Today, she studies the master Cand.merc.(kom). She helps with content and marketing in Proacteur.
  • Maria Widström Training Instructor Maria lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and she works part time for proacteur as a training manager and instructor of Change Management. During the last ten years she has combined the roles of teacher and consultant. Maria has worked in a broad range of profit and non-profit organisations and her focus lies in benefit realisation and addressing the human side of a change. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Maria has a degree in Business administration, and prior to her career in consulting she worked as a key account manager and business developer. She has many years’ experience within business process re-engineering (BPR) projects. OUR CLIENTS SAY Practical, engaging, effect-oriented
    +46 72-322 8289
  • Morten

    Morten Kamp Andersen Partner Morten believes that talent and human capital are the greatest levers for organisational productivity when change occurs. He therefore advises and implements Human Capital strategies within national and international organisations with a primary focus on people, performance and culture. He makes sure that HR strategies and processes are aligned with the overall business strategy and are value-adding. He also speaks at international conferences on topics such as Workforce Analytics and Talent Management and was the winner of the 2016 European Workforce Analytics Award. His approach is characterised by being both a former financial analyst and a trained psychologist - a strong combination of 'soft' and 'hard'. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Morten holds an MSc in Psychology, a B.A. in Business Administration and has passed the IIMR exam (equivalent to CFA). Morten has also passed a number of professional exams such as courses in change management, coaching, conflict management, project management and more. MORTEN’S SOCIAL LINKS: Blog: All About Human Capital (

    Twitter: @MortenKamp (
    +45 25 53 27 39
  • Nadia 1 798x1100

    Nadia Awwad Student Assistant Nadia is characterized by her technical competencies and great curiosity. She has worked as a product developer, consultant and project manager. Throughout her career, she has created a structured and solution-oriented approach to a variety of projects. Nadia has great experience in establishing healthy customer relationships as well as understanding the needs of the customer. The past years, she has been self-employed working with product development and project management. In 2018 she decided to extent her resumé further and started studying again. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Nadia graduated as an Engineer in 2005 and is now studying Global Heath with a main focus on public health and sustainability in food production.
  • Peter Harbo Clausen Managing Partner Peter has more than 20 years working experience as a management consultant and focuses on Organisational Change Management and Programme Management.

    Peter is certified in Prosci's Change Management process, a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor and uses these tools in consultancy work and when working with organisations to build change management capability.

    Peter has also served as a Board member of the Association of Change Management Professionals Global.

    Peter has been teaching Prosci’s method and tools for change management since 2007 and is together with Malene responsible for the daily operation of proacteur.
    BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Peter has a BS in electronic engineering and has subsequently taken an Executive MBA. Peter has worked as a consultant for a number of consultancy companies until 2006, when he founded proacteur with Claus. OUR CLIENTS SAY Confidence-building, loyal and forward-looking.
    +45 40 89 32 60
  • Stephani Montserrat Consultant Stephani is a committed and solution-oriented consultant who is passionate about development and people. Stephani has a structured and analytical mindset and approaches tasks with great curiosity and a solid drive. In her work, she draws on her experience within everyday- and organizational psychology which creates good synergy in the work with people, change and technology. Stephani has experience working with different nationalities and across national boundaries and cultures. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE Stephani has a master’s degree in Psychology and Health Promotion & Health strategies from Roskilde University and has previously worked as a PMO in NNIT. Stephani is certified Yellowbelt in LEAN Six Sigma and is a practitioner in PRINCE2 and Prosci Change management Process. In addition, she has experience with SAP.
    +45 51 94 61 90
  • Camilla Farge Web

    Camilla Henning Principal Konsulent Camilla is a committed and proactive consultant with a systematic and structured mindset. Camilla is working to reveal the potentials on individual, team and organisational level. Background and experience Camilla has gained experience from large transformations - both as manager and consultant and has been responsible for Change Management, Organizational Development and Process Management. Camilla is furthermore a trained psychologist with clinical and organisational experience.
  • Britta 1
  • Didde
  • Jasmina Final
  • Jannie
  • Kasper Guldhammer
  • Katrine
  • Morten
  • Nadia 1 798x1100
  •  Camilla Farge Web

  • “Very good! Fun! Interactive and challenging”

    Anna-Karin Ahlflood, Ericsson

  • “Excellent! I have learned so much”

    Elin Dahlkvist – Systembolaget

  • “Exceptional”

    Johan Ölën – Volvo Group

  • “Very good – Everything was there!”

    Pierre Lavorini – Volvo Group

  • “The best course I have attended to!”

    Lars Herbe – Kvadrat

  • “Very inspiring and informative”

    Margit Weygaard-Hansen – Aller Media A/S

  • “Plug & Play”

    Gitte Nørgaard – Københavns Lufthavne A/S

  • “Combining learning, food and service at very high level. Best course ever!”

    Danni Rahbek – Bestseller A/S

  • “Extremely professional carried out”

    Anitha Rutström Sparrman – Ericsson

  • “Intense and very rewarding”

    Per Larsson – EON

  • “Very good course! I want to take it again”

    Marianne Steen – Enatus Consulting AB

  • “It was an excellent, excellent course!!”

    Jakob Larsen – Novo Nordisk A/S


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